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Below you will find information about Sector Alarm’s processing of your personal data as recruitment candidate.

Sector Alarm is the responsible entity (controller) for the processing of your personal data as described in this privacy policy.

1. Personal data that we process

Sector Alarm will collect and process personal data about you in relation to the recruitment process. The personal data will be collected from you as well as from other available sources to the extent relevant and permitted by law. Depending on the circumstances, the following personal data may be processed:

  • Individual dataname, date of birth, preferred language and nationality
  • Contact detailsemail address, telephone number and postal address 
  • Application data: application, CV, certificates, attestations and statements from references  
  • Interview and assessment data: internal assessments/reports from interviewsassessments of capabilities, credit or background checks, depending on the position you are applying for, and where necessary for the recruitment activities  
  • Test data: information and results from personality and ability tests that you perform during the recruitment process
  • Technical data: When you access Sector Alarm services online, our web servers automatically create records of your visit. Typically, these records include: IP-address, access time, pages visited, linked sites and used featuresthe content viewed or requested, browser type and chosen language. In relation to this, please see ourCookie Policy. 

The following data is processed only in specific situations: 

  • Certificate of good conduct: If you are offered a position at Sector Alarm, we might for some positions require a certificate of good conduct. The document is to be sent via encrypted email to a dedicated email address for this exact purpose. The document will not be stored anywhere else and it will be deleted immediately if you do not meet the screening criteria.
  • Sensitive data: We normally do not and cannot collect sensitive personal data in relation to the recruitment process. However, if you have physical limitations or special needs that require us to make specific considerations during the recruitment process, we may process relevant information to enable our candidates to apply for jobs with us and to ensure that we comply with regulatory obligations placed upon us regarding our hiring. Because email communications are not always secure, we encourage you to not include sensitive data in your emails to us. 

2. How is my personal data processed when using the online recruitment service?

For the purpose of receiving and managing job applications via the website recruitment service, we use the services of Greenhouse Software, Inc., 110 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10011, USA (Greenhouse Software). In the webservice, you and may apply for job openings and submit and/or upload related personal information, such as name, email address, LinkedIn-profile, CV and personal documents. See also section 1 above. 

Such data will only be processed on servers outside the European Union (EU) and provided to Sector Alarm or the Greenhouse Software after you clicked the respective submit application button on the website recruitment service. The privacy policy of Greenhouse Software may be found here: 

3. Legal basis of the processing

Your personal data is processed based on legitimate interests, cf. GDPR art. 6. (1) f). Sector Alarm has a legitimate interest in carrying out the processing for the purpose of managing and completing the recruitment processes that is not overridden by your interests, fundamental rights, or freedoms. Sector Alarm need to make sure that we hire the right person and Sector Alarm must document that the process has been performed correctly. 

If any tests are completed by you as a part of the employment process, the processing of personal data in this case will be based on a legitimate interest of Sector Alarm 

Sector Alarm may also process your personal data based on your consent, in which case we have obtained your prior and written express consent to the processing of your personal data. This legal basis is only used in relation to process that is entirely voluntary, it is not used for processing that is necessary or obligatory. Your written consent can always be withdrawn by contacting Sector Alarm. 

In certain cases, the processing may also be necessary for compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. 

The legal basis for processing certificates of good conduct is GDPR art. 10. The respective national law is described below: 

National law Norway

Installers and sales representatives:
Section 34-7 second paragraph of the Criminal registration Regulations [politiregisterforskriften]. 

Security management: 
Section 3 paragraphs three and four in the Act relating to security guard services [Lov om vaktvirksomhet av 2001.01.05 nr. 1], cf. Section 4 of the Security Guard Services Regulations [vaktvirksomhetsforskriften].  

Security guards and related positions:  
Section 8 in the Act relating to security guard services [Lov om vaktvirksomhet av 2001.01.05 nr. 1]cf. Section 5 of the Security Guard Services Regulations [vaktvirksomhetsforskriften].

National law Sweden

This applies to all employees in Sector Alarm Sweden, regardless of position in the company:
Sveriges Rikes Lag: Lag (1998:620) om belastningsregister, 9 § (Swedish text).
Before employment, all employees are informed that they will make an extract from the workload register. Then they receive an oral approval from the person. For future employees at the alarm center, does Sweden receive a written approval. 

National law Finland

Employees at the Alarm Receiving Centre are required to have security guard licence admitted by police. Sector Alarm does not handle the process.  

Employees that work with SA alarm systems or client system data are required to obtain safety licence due to the nature of their work. License is admitted by the police authority and the process does not go through Sector Alarm.  

National law Ireland

Employees at the Alarm Receiving Centreare regulated by the private security authority and need to have license to work withPhoneWatch. In order to get thelicense the employee has to complete garda vetting. They contact the guards directly to complete thisprocessandit does not go throughPhoneWatch. 

National law Spain

Gathering criminal data of a candidate or employee in Spain is regulated in the State Law. Specifically, in article 10 of Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5 on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of Digital Rights.

National law France

The National collective agreement for prevention and safety companies of 15 February 1985,
defines the specific labor rules within the Security Sector in France, see Article 6, Employment. The article shows that S.A France has the authorization to ask for an extract of the criminal record during the recruitments face. There are only a few sectors in France that can do so, it is usually forbidden. 


4. The purpose of our processing of your personal data

Sector Alarm use your personal data for the following purposes:  

Evaluating your job application 

  • Reviewing your qualifications and making hiring decisions 
  • Matching the qualifications to any opening positions within the given time frame 
  • Communicating with you in relation to the recruitment process 
  • In case of a hire, the necessary personal data is used for setting up an employee account 

Sector Alarm may also process your personal data for the following purposes: 

  • Producing recruitment statistics 
  • Resolving disputes  
  • To ensure information security 

We do not process your personal data for secondary purposes that are inconsistent with the primary purposes for which your personal data is collected without your prior consent, legitimate interest or legal ground. 

We inform you before we process your personal data for secondary purposes. 

We do not use your personal data in any automated decision making. 


5. Disclosing of personal data to others

Sector Alarm may share your personal data:  

  • within all companies included in the Sector Alarm Group, i.e.: Sector Alarm Holding AS and Sector Alarm IT AS, in addition to the companies listed in Section 11 below. 
  • with other business partners or third parties where you have asked to receive a service from them and when you have authorised them to request data from Sector Alarm 
  • with service providers who work on Sector Alarm’s behalf in connection with purposes specified above, such as companies performing personality and ability testscompanies that host or operate the Sector Alarm website including systems that perform data analytics.  

Sector Alarm does not disclose your personal data to others unless there is a legal basis for the disclosing, i.e. if disclosure is required by law, or when disclosure is necessary for the purpose of a legitimate interest pursued (e.g. to protect Sector Alarm legal rights, as described in section 4 above). 

Sector Alarm uses processors to collect, store or otherwise process personal data on our behalf. In such cases, we have entered into a contract to secure the data protection at all stages of the processing. 


6. Processing in the EU/EEA-area and in third countries

Your personal data is processed within the EU/EEA-area, or in a third country pursuant to standard model contracts, and according to current privacy legislation. The transfer of personal data is basedon EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses or EU-US Privacy Shield or such other mechanisms as have been recognized or approved by the relevant authorities.  

Specifically, Sector Alarm use Greenhouse Software for managing the recruitment webservice as described above. The processing of personal data is basedon EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses.  


7. Your rights related to Sector Alarm’s processing of your personal data

Your personal data is stored if it is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected for. 

All personal data that is collected and stored based on our legitimate interest, is erased within one year.  

The storage time is counted in days from the date you were told a candidate was awarded the position you applied for. 

Where applicable, this include all the information in the categories specified above, i.e.:  

  • Individual dataContact detailsApplication data, Interview and assessment data, Test data and Technical data 

The following personal data may be erased at any time through your online candidate profile: 

  • CV, certificates, application and attestations 

As specified above, any certificates of good conduct are deleted immediately if you do not meet the screening criteria. If screening criteria are met, the certificates are deleted as soon as the recruitment process is finalised.    

Sometimes we may ask if you want us to keep your personal data for a longer period. You may at any time withdraw any consents to storage and processing of your personal data.  

8. Your rights related to Sector Alarm’s processing of your personal data 

  • Right of information: You may check what information we have collected and stored about you. 
  • Right of access:  You have the right to request access to your personal data, together with information regarding the nature, processing and disclosure of those data 
  • Object the processing:  You may object to the processing of your personal data in situations where the data is processed on a legitimate interestPlease note that this may lead to us not being able to continue processing of your job application. 
  • Withdraw a consent: You may withdraw any consent given by you at any time.  
  • Right of rectification, deletion and restriction: You may require that incorrect, unnecessary, wrong or outdated personal data are corrected or removedIf you believe that we process data that is not accurate, that the processing is illegal, that we are not processing your data in accordance with the processing purpose or you want to oppose the processing, you may contact us to request erasure or restrictions on the processing of your data. 


9. The security of your personal data

We secure your personal data 

  • with appropriate technical measures 
  • with appropriate organisational measures, with an appropriate level of security 
  • against unauthorised processing 
  • against unlawful processing 
  • against accidental or unlawful loss 
  • against accidental or unlawful destruction, and against accidental or unlawful damage 

We have an internal policy for the security of personal data. 


10. Complaints

If you consider that Sector Alarm’s processing of your personal data infringes the information in this declaration or the privacy legislation, you may lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority. For more information about these rights and how to exercise them, please contact our DPO/Quality Manager as specified below:  

DPO Contact information Norway (Sector Alarm Holding AS / Sector Alarm IT AS) 

DPO Contact information Sweden 

DPO Contact information Finland

DPO Contact information Ireland

DPO Contact information Spain (Sector Alarm S.A.U.) (General Services)

DPO Contact information France 


11. Sector Alarm contact information

In the event of changes to our services, policy’s or changes to the privacy legislation, this may result in a change in this information.

Sector Alarm AS

Location: Norway
Address: Vitaminveien 1A, 0409 Oslo 
Telephone number: 915 03033 
Primary organization number: Sector Alarm AS: 975368211  

Subsidiary Organizations: 

Sector Alarm Drift AS: 915453597  
Sector Alarm ALS AS: 915453732  
SA Salg AS: 993049166 

Sector Alarm Holding AS

Location: Norway
Address: Vitaminveien 1A, 0409 Oslo 
Telephone number: 915 03033
Primary organization number: Sector Alarm Holding AS: 889158212 

Subsidiary Organizations: 

Sector Alarm IT AS: 921186215  

Sector Alarm AB

Location: Sweden
Address: Drakegatan 10, 412 50 Göteborg
Telephone number: 0771 80 95 30 
Organization number: Sector Alarm AB556597-1081 

Subsidiary Organizations: 

SA Bevakning AB: 556648-3243
Sector Alarm Försäljnings AB: 556750-9434
Sector Alarm Service AB: 556602-1423 

Sector Alarm OY

Location : Finland
Address: Valimotie 21, 00380 Helsinki
Telephone number: 0207 345 000 (0,088 €/min)  
Organization number: Sector Alarm OY0667761-0

PhoneWatch LTD.

Address: Floor 3-5, Block 1, Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street,Dublin 1 
Telephone number: (01) 207 6100 
Organization number: PhoneWatch Ltd.: 162566 

Sector Alarm Spain S.A.U.

Location: Spain
Address: C/ Verónica esquina C/ Geranio s/n, Mijas, CP 29651, Málaga 
Telephone number902 23 2000 / 951 51 3000 
Organization number: Sector Alarm S.A.U.A29112869 

General Services SLU 

Location: Spain 
Address: C/ Verónica esquina C/ Geranio s/n, Mijas, CP 29651, Málaga 
E-mail address: 
Telephone number: (+34) 627 202966
Organization number: General Services SLU: CIF B92942549 

Subsidiary Organizations: 

SA Real Estate SLU: CIF B93247880

Sector Alarm S.A.S 

Location : France 
Address: Immeuble Odyssée 2-12, chemin des femmes, 91300 Massy 
E-mail address:
Telephone number: 0 805 820 820  
Organization number: Sector Alarm SAS402 490 866

Questions regarding our processing of personal data:

Please contact your closest contact person or the DPO/Quality Manager if you have questions or other inquiries regarding our processing of your personal data.  


12. Changes

In the event of changes to our services, policy’s or changes to the privacy legislation, this may result in a change in this information.